Tongue n’ cheek: A day with HappyAlone Frontman Fionn Tobin

Robert TwomeyFashion, Music

Fionn Tobin (IG: @error.404.human) has been an enigmatic member of Corks live music scene for the last number of years, and his newest collective “Happy Alone” proves to be a true Tour De Force in the emerging ambient grunge scene.

A clear sense of direction has been an ever-present trait in the lead vocalists career, which is clear in his drive to push the limits of conventional sound & visuals.

” On visuals we want to create a visceral atmosphere and almost depict the sound through art. Art itself is very important to me but due to its subjective nature it can be very hard to exactly portray the visuals how we want them to get across in an unconventional manner. On unconventional sounds we have begun to integrate synthesizers, drum machines and samples paired with ambient and experimental guitar tones. Rhythm is very important to me and we are using old Hip Hop samples paired with more modern rhythmic patterns which creates familiar yet refreshing booms and claps.”

“I would describe our sound at the moment as sensual foreplay, the calm before the storm as such, an inviting yet intriguing amalgamation of tension and excitement.”


What is your opinion on the current music scene in Cork, and where do you feel your place is in music?

“I think at the moment the Cork music scene is a bit lack luster, there are a handful of bands who are creating amazing content such as The Slut Club, Dry Roasted Peanuts and Pretty Happy and a few more I have heard of but yet to see such as Little Indigo, etc. Other than that I’m a little skeptical about the majority of other bands as the overall style can be mimicking old genres and lack originality.” “It’s all well and good reliving the past but if you want to excel you must put your own stamp on the musical turf and burn a fiery pathway to the top. I think our place is being molded for us. As of yet we’re taking the independent root  but are very hungry to climb to the top.”


Considering that, how important for you, not just as an artist but as an individual is your style, and what do you feel it says about you?

“Individual style is very important personally as a form of expression. From whether to slap on a fur jacket or a splash of eyeliner and a plain T; each in its own sense is a statement. My outfit can generally reflect my mood, and if I look under-dressed I generally feel underwhelmed or as such.”

“I enjoy how fashion can be used as art. A waking, talking, reusable canvas, ready for whatever material the owner sees fit. In the future I hope to start my own clothing line but prior to that I would like to gain more knowledge of the creation process and produce quality products over quick consumption.”


Combining Music and Fashion, who do you feel are your greatest inspirations?

“Some muses for me in the a fashion sense would be the likes of Rat Boy, A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator and classic 90’s Damon Albarn. In terms of inspiration for music currently, its seems every time i got to create there is a heavy synth influence after a hectic binge of stranger things but I assume this too will pass and I’ll reboot. In a general sense there are too many to mention, but my overall influences remain Damon Albarn, Kurt Cobain and the almighty Jeff Buckley.”


Any closing thoughts?

“A wise man once told me to enjoy burrowing through the shit and hopefully we’ll end up at the clouds eventually. We’re ready for the shit and we won’t stop eating it until we hit gold.”

Make sure to check out the bands IG: @happyalonehappy for more updates.